Monday, February 28, 2011

Yarn-tastic's Mission!

I Love Yarn!! All of the colors and textures are so pretty! I love going into Joanns or a yarn store and feasting my eyes!! When I had my daughter last August I had graduated from college with my bachelors and was staying home to take care of her. I am not a good stay at home mom with nothing to do. There is only so much cleaning, cooking, and movie watching you can do before you go stir crazy. So my renter downstairs had learned how to crochet and I had learned the basics years before so I borrowed her crochet book and went to town. In two months I was already starting to make things and I love it. Now that I am back in school, and in a grad program nonetheless, my time to create is a little limited but I still find time. It's nice to have a project to do that doesn't involve my house, mom, or school responsibilities. Now that I have learned how to crochet, I see objects that are on sale in stores and they are so overpriced. Being a student, married to a student, and having a 6 month old, money is tight and I could never bring myself to spend that much, but who doesn't want cute handmade things? So here I am selling my products for a reasonable price. I can always work things out with you personally about a product you want or have seen in a store. I hope you enjoy!